ironically the washing machine is half full

[temporary] I am NOT anti-sjw, i am PRO-sjw, receiving a troll anon ask does not mean that i am anti-sjw, please do not follow me if you are or if you think that I am anti-sjw. I made a post about my fear of bugs in fruit and it blows up into this and it's ridiculous please just stop it's making me incredibly anxious please leave me alone about it.

✖ Name: Leotie
✖ Birth date: March 31st, 1997
✖ Occupation: Doodler / gamer / roleplayer
✖ Nationality: Scottish

i'm a gay baby who likes drawing, and history, and music, and video games

➡ if you wanna be an absolute sugar lump you could tag #syringes or #tw syringes for me thank you you're a delight (ノ◡‿◡)ノ*:・゚✧

Request from fuzzykittysoftkitty <3 She wanted TheBorgias!Micheletto and Cesare meeting AC!Micheletto and Cesare.

Heres how I see the scene XDDDD IM SO SORRYYYYY <3

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    I LOVE IT!
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