ironically the washing machine is half full

[temporary] I am NOT anti-sjw, i am PRO-sjw, receiving a troll anon ask does not mean that i am anti-sjw, please do not follow me if you are or if you think that I am anti-sjw. I made a post about my fear of bugs in fruit and it blows up into this and it's ridiculous please just stop it's making me incredibly anxious please leave me alone about it.

✖ Name: Leotie
✖ Birth date: March 31st, 1997
✖ Occupation: Doodler / gamer / roleplayer
✖ Nationality: Scottish

i'm a gay baby who likes drawing, and history, and music, and video games

➡ if you wanna be an absolute sugar lump you could tag #syringes or #tw syringes for me thank you you're a delight (ノ◡‿◡)ノ*:・゚✧


enjoying the view, corvo-chan?




This shows up on my dash like once a month and it’s funny every time.

This is still my favorite comic holy shit

The username he goes by is Matt_Rat and his comics are fucking hilarious

23 Sheldrake Avenue

This is going to sound really odd I think, but ugh it's been on my mind and I just want to say. I am so glad you've found someone, a boyfriend, who clearly makes you happy. Honestly, you deserve so much happiness and I'm just so glad that there's someone who can give it to you. I'm just so glad for you


thank you so much im just

really lucky ok i really am

thank you so much omg

paveltrekov replied to your post: going up to holiday home was a bloody …

oh noo :( what happened?

parents happened!!! :c

going up to holiday home was a bloody nightmare but nevertheless had fun with boyfriendu and am still having fun with boyfriendu

lieutenant ford brody

im sorry for not really talking just now but like

you know hdjhkhg boyfriend being here is a big deal so i want to spend time with him and junk


"no, n-no thank u"


Get To Know Me Meme

Ten Favourite Characters: Clarice Starling (The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal)  [1/10]
Starling had succeeded in FBI training because she had nothing to fall back
on. She survived most of her life in institutions, by respecting them and
playing hard and well by the rules. She had always advanced, won the
scholarship, made the team. Her failure to advance in the FBI after a
brilliant start was a new and awful, experience for her. She batted against
the glass ceiling like a bee in a bottle.

this just in boyfriend is a fuckin nerd

Hello this is Kain

I have hijacked Leotie’s blog while she’s run off to find a hair elastic

trusting me with her computer was a bad idea especially when she’s still logged in to tumblr

hahahaha I feel so powerful

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