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Track: Thinkin Bout You
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Thinkin Bout You | Frank Ocean


Willy Cartier | Flaming Lips x WAD magazine | ph. Thomas Paquet

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Ya know something interesting about the Marvel/DC ‘rivalry’ on tumblr?

Everyone acts like DC is this super regressive company compared to Marvel when DC really did more progressive stuff first and is still doing so.

Women as heroes?
DC’s had Wonder Woman as one of their three major heroes forever, but everyone ignores that because “But she doesn’t have a movie yet” (more on that later)

While Marvel can claim the first black hero in comics with Black Panther, DC actually had heroes talking explicitly about race with John Stewart and Hal Jordan, and did a lot of issues with progressiveism and liberalism vs convsativism in the Green Arrow/Green Lantern series (including a black person calling out Hal on how little he did to fight oppression on earth as he did the rest of the universe), and Green Arrow and Hawkeye arguing politics was a common thread of their time on the JLA together.

Black Lightning was the first African-American superhero with no criminal record (Luke Cage did get his powers in prison, it’s kinda stereotypical)

DC itself actually funded and published Milestone comics, a comics company entirely devoted to more diverse comics. If you’ve ever heard of Static you owe DC comics.

Marvel has never had anything even remotely equivalent.

When it comes to LGBT stuff, DC comics had a lesbian Batwoman and a lesbian woman taking over from a male hero in The Question.
While not a hero explicitly DC has a transwoman supporting character in Batgirl. (And I’m not even counting the trans characters in Vertigo books.)
It has Alan Scott being gay inthe Nu52 continuity, 
I know Grace Choi was bisexual pre-reboot (I don’t know the current status)
Had a gay black teen hero in the Superboy & the Ravers comic in the 90s, as well as the character of Obsidian who was a major supporting character in the JSA.

The idea of characters of color or a different gender taking the place of legacy characters is nothing new for DC.
Like I mentioned, a lesbian Latin@ became the Question, there was an asian woman hero Doctor Light, a black woman Doctor Midnight, a Latina became the new Wildcat.

Now I mentioned I’d get back to movies later on and, let’s look at DC & Marvels movies in terms of ethnicity here, most notably the recent casting rumors.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson basically said he’d be playing Shazam.
Shazam, a previously white hero, played by a Black & Samoan man.

Aquaman, if rumors are to be believed, will be played by Jason Momoa.
Aquaman, a white blonde haired, blue eyed hero, played by a Samoan man.

Meanwhile over at Marvel….Well Falcon and Rhodey get to exist, but they’re up to this point still just little more than sidekicks to the white heroes in the movies.
Marvel makes a movie about a superhero team and goes “Yeah, everyone is still white as they were in the 1960s.” 
DC looks at their superhero team and says “We need to make the team more diverse, even if it means changing the race of the heroes” and people act like they’re some super regressive company.

I’m fine with folks preferring one company over the other.
I’m fine with folks being excited Marvel is having legacy characters change race and/or gender with who gets to pick up the legacy.

But as a lifelong comic fan it’s kinda annoying to see people praising Marvel as super progressive for doing shit DC did in the 80s and still does to this day.

Especially when with Marvel it’s coming across far more as a blatant publicity grabs.

The first official posters for all three films

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What's pick n mix??? I've never heard of it.

is it an only UK thing or smth??

it’s a big stall with all sorts of sweets and you scoop them up and put them in a bag or a cup, and you pay for it by weight measurement


say that desmond miles was unnecessary in the games and i’ll punch you in the face

lamdiel replied to your post: ive become a pro at stealing pick n mi…

This is literally right out of misfits baby omg

i love you so much i wanna go to the cinema w u and steal so much junk food

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s filmography:
Anna Karenina (dir. Joe Wright) as Count Alexei Vronsky

ive become a pro at stealing pick n mix at the cinema btw


O César o nada, Vázquez Montalbán.

(bad) translation

César takes the conversation to be over, and though Ramiro starts to leave, Miquel does not give up. He stands up to him, talks to him with their faces nearly joined, and endures César’s escalating pushes to keep him off himself.

"Listen to me. I was going to be a notary or a professor in one of those damned universities, and ever since we met at the University of Pisa I’ve become your squire. You owe me everything I couldn’t be, and I owe you nothing of what I am. I’ll speak to you clearly."

Corella points at César and tells his two companions, “He is smarter than the three of us together. I once learned in a book - when I still read- that in these changing times it’s only worth to be a condotiero, a cardinal, a courtesan, a philosopher, a magician or a magician philosopher, a merchant, a banker, an artist, a woman and oh! a prince. Well, César’s father would make him a cardinal, even a pope, but César is actually a condotiero, a cardinal,  a magician philosopher who reads Nicolas de Cusa, Pico della Mirandolla, or the secretive followers of Marsilio Ficino, and who practices astrology. On top of that, he is a Prince. He has as much money as a banker, and to be a complete man he would only need to be a woman. Do you understand why I’ve sold my soul to him?”

Miguel, I can’t even…


Grimes performs at this weekend’s Pemberton Music And Arts Festival.

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